Plain Wrapper Press Redux

Declaration of Sentiments

Illustration from Declartion of Sentiments

Photographs of Declaration of Sentiments.

Manifesto that emerged from the 1848 women’s rights convention in Seneca Falls, New York, re-published on its 175th anniversary. New introduction by Carnegie Mellon’s Lisa Tetrault, Ph.D., and two high-impact, three-color images by Susan Lowdermilk, both with wood engravings. 24 pages. 29 x 20 cm. 100 copies. Press Book Series. April 2023.

Type is Diotima, designed by Gudrun Zapf. Book design by Jerry Kelly. Velké Losiny handmade Prague paper printed dry on a 219 Vandercook Press in black, two blues, and two purples at Sandy Tilcock’s lone goose press in Bisbee, AZ. Paste papers designed and produced for the covers by Sandy Tilcock. Colophon signed by the artist and by the author of the introduction. Quarter-bound in gold-stamped blue leather, with slipcase, by Jace Graf at Cloverleaf Studio in Austin, TX. Publisher Emeritus Gabriel Rummonds oversaw the project.

isbn: 979-8-9850899-1-2