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Gregory C. Richter, Ph.D.

GREGORY C. RICHTER, PH.D., served as Professor of German and Linguistics at Truman State University in Missouri from 1983 to 2022. Among his course offerings were German/English Translation, Linguistics of the Romance Languages, and courses on the Latin, French, Russian, Chinese, and Icelandic languages. His publications include translations from German of Viennese psychoanalytic writings by Sigmund Freud and Otto Rank. He has also published poetry translations from Icelandic (Chariton Review), a translation of Albert Giraud’s rondel cycle Pierrot Lunaire (1884), and The Gate of All Marvelous Things, a translation of Laozi’s Dao De Jing. Additional work has appeared in International Journal of American Linguistics, The Journal of Religion and Health, and The Journal of American Folklore. He has also provided translations from Italian for The Sixteenth Century Journal. Richter’s Ph.D. in Linguistics is from the University of California at San Diego.