The Plain Wrapper Press Redux Team

Mark E. Fischer

MARK E. FISCHER founded the Stamperia Ponte Pietra in Verona, Italy, in 1976 at age 14. He had started learning the art of handprinting and fine-press publishing from Gabriel Rummonds as soon as his family had moved to Verona in 1973. By the time he matriculated at Harvard College in 1980, his press had published four editions, which had already been collected by Harvard’s rare-book Houghton Library (as well as by several other rare-book collections in the US). These were Marsh Marigolds (in English), L’Indovinello Veronese (in Italian), Blue (in English and French), and Est Modus in Rebus (in Latin, Ancient Greek, English and Italian). Fischer had studied these languages while attending the Liceo Classico Maffei in Verona. At Harvard, Fischer studied descriptive bibliography, Latin, Ancient Greek, and French, and he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy.

While Fischer continues to pursue his other great professional passion—corporate finance—he has now also teamed up with his original printing and publishing mentor Rummonds to re-launch the venerable Plain Wrapper Press as Plain Wrapper Press Redux. The mission remains to print and publish among the most beautiful books in the world, rich in high-quality text and artwork, and designed, printed, and bound by hand with exacting craftmanship and the finest materials.

In addition to being the publisher of Plain Wrapper Press Redux, Fischer performs financial analysis for a US financial-services company.