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The Kallima Butterfly

The Kallima Butterfly title page

Photographs of The Kallima Butterfly by John D. Wagner

Three poems and a photogravure by John D. Wagner. 8 pages. 29 x 20 cm. 80 copies. Quartus Series. December 2021.

Handset in Centaur; text in 16 point. Book design and title-page calligraphy by Jerry Kelly. Velké Losiny handmade Prague paper printed dry on a 219 Vandercook Press in black and green at Sandy Tilcock’s lone goose press in Bisbee, AZ; photogravures pulled by Sandy Tilcock and John D. Wagner. Colophon signed by the poet/photographer. Handbound in cloth over boards, with accompanying folder, by Jace Graf at Cloverleaf Studio in Austin, TX. Publisher Emeritus Gabriel Rummonds oversaw the project.

isbn: 979-8-9850899-0-5


John D. Wagner reads the Kallima Butterfly.