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Uncle Umberto’s Orchard

Uncle Umberto’s Orchard

Photographs of Uncle Umberto’s Orchard.

A short story by four-time Pushcart Award-winner Frederic Tuten, with two multi-color screenprints developed by Gary Lichtenstein based on original paintings by Tuten. 38 pages. 33 x 23 cm. 80 copies, signed by the author/artist, of which 20 special-edition copies with a third screenprint laid in and enclosed in a clamshell box. Press Book Series. January 2024.

Set in Monotype Walbaum by Michael and Winifred Bixler in Skaneateles, NY; text in 14D. Calligraphy by Jerry Kelly. Papeterie Saint-Armand custom handmade paper from Montreal, Canada, printed dry on a 219 Vandercook Press in black and burgundy at Sandy Tilcock’s lone goose press in Bisbee, AZ. Screenprints produced by Gary Lichtenstein at Lichtenstein Editions in North Adams, MA. Handbound in linen over boards, with a slipcase, by Jace Graf at Cloverleaf Studio in Austin, TX. Publisher Emeritus Gabriel Rummonds designed the book and oversaw the project.

Uncle Umberto’s Orchard is available in two editions:

Standard $700.00 (in a slipcase)

Special $1,100.00 (in a box, with a third screenprint)

The two screenprints in the book, and an enlargement of the screenprint on the cover, are also available for sale independently, each in a signed and numbered edition of 50. The prints are available in four states:

Print only: $650.00
Print with mat only: $680.00
Print matted and framed with conservation glass: $800.00
Print matted and framed with non-glare museum glass: $830.00
(as shown in photos below)

Sailboat Print

Sailboat print from Uncle Umberto’s Orchard

Sailboat Detail Print

Sailboat detail print from Uncle Umberto’s Orchard

Steamer Print

Steamer print from Uncle Umberto’s Orchard

The third screenprint, also signed and numbered, is available only with the special edition of the book. It is in a folder in the book’s clamshell box. Photo below.

House print from Uncle Umberto’s Orchard